The Los Carnales MC was founded in 1995 by a small group of riders led by Mondel A. D. Martin (Mad Dog), who became its founding president. The red and black Colors were first flown at Sturgis that year. Over the next few years, the number of Los Carnales MC members slowly grew with the addition of other good members from the law enforcement community who also rode and owned Harley Davidson style American made V-twin motorcycles. Los Carnales members are all active-duty or retired, fully certified, weapon-carrying officers of the law from many jurisdictions. 

Lawmen with many other City, County, State, and Federal agencies now proudly fly the Colors of the Los Carnales MC. The name Los Carnales means “The Brotherhood”.  The Los Carnales MC quickly established itself as more than just another “Cop-Club” and attracted a strong group of civilian biker family members and friends who rode with the LCMC on a regular basis. It became clear that it was time for the inclusion of these other bikers into the family. However, since the fundamental qualification in becoming a member of the LCMC was to be a certified peace officer, it was decided that the new component of the club should wear different Colors, similar enough to recognize them as members of the same organization (Nation) but visually different in order to distinguish them as the non-law enforcement component of the club. Thus was born La Familia MC, which means ”The Family” of the Los Carnales MC. The LFMC was founded in 1997, with Old Man Charlie as its founding president, and the LFMC first flew its Colors to Sturgis in that year.

The LCLF Nation has survived, thrived, and grown many times over since its conception, despite the tragic deaths of both founding presidents. Maddog, the founder and first President, and ultimately becoming the first National President of the Los Carnales MC, was killed while riding his bike after leaving a Club gathering by a careless motorist who ran a stop sign and struck him. Old Man Charlie, the first La Familia President, died of a massive heart attack at the beginning of a Club meeting.  Mad Dog and Old Man Charlie both died with their Colors on. They are well remembered and toasted with Jose Cuervo and Crown Royal (respectively) by the members of the Club at main events.

The LCLF Nation is well known for its participation in the community and its support and sponsorship of local and national charities. The Nation is, of course, especially visible in its commitment to organizations and benefits for the families of downed and deceased law enforcement officers. It does your heart good to see a $25 bar tab auctioned off for $85 at a charity fundraiser. To date, since the inception of the LCLF Nation, over $1.0 million has been raised for charities and benefits. It tells you something of what’s inside the heart of an organization that comes out so generously and strongly in support of good causes.

The South Houston Chapter of the LCLF Nation was founded in August, 1997.  Originally called the Galveston Chapter, it was re-christened the South Houston Chapter in October 1997.  South Houston's slogan is "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit", which means "No One Assaults Me Without Punishment".

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